We have found that issuing a regular wholesale list is not generally compatible with everything else we have going on around here; hence are no longer offering wholesale plants. We may revisit that in a few years if we ever have a surplus of greenhouse space. A major issue has been finding space to overwinter stuff so that it will be ready and looking great in the spring.

HOWEVER, we do still offer a contract growing service. If you see something you want to use in a job, or want to sell at your nursery, and can't get it anywhere else; please ask us and we can discuss terms and timing of a contract grow order. The plants will be at a standard wholesale rate, and we will ask a 20% down payment for new customers. Minimum orders and/or delivery fees, all spelled out well in advance, may apply depending on your location.

Timing depends a lot on what you want, but here are a few basics. Plants propagated from cuttings should be ordered by October at the latest. From that time it usually takes takes 8 - 20 months to get a 1-gallon plant that we can deliver to you. Manzanitas, Grevilleas and conifers would usually be in the 20 month range; while certain faster growing species would be possible in 8 - 10 months (mid-late spring). If you want a 5-gallon plant as your finished product to sell, add a year to that time. If you want a 2-gallon or 3-gallon, it depends; certain plants can get there nearly as fast as a 1-gallon. Plants rasied from seed should be ordered by January, except certain things we plant in late spring or summer (includes some succulents). It is likely to be a year or more to go from seed to finished product. Again these are general guidelines. Just let us know what you want and what size, and we can provide the specifics. Contact us at mail@desertnorthwest.com.

(Note: we cannot at this time provide material for living succulent wreaths, walls, and similar.)

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