Cistus Nursery, Suavie Island, Oregon

Cistus Nursery is a specialty nursery with an excellent selection of rare plants and unique collections. Many cacti and succulents are offered, and some of these are crammed into the very heavily planted display beds at the nursery. Here are some of the best specimens. In this location, summers are hotter than Seattle, but rainfall is approximately the same.

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A nice form of Opuntia basilaris.

Opuntia 'Burbank Spineless', an excellent choice for all those cactus fanatics who have an aversion to spines.

Agave x 'Ruth Bancroft' with a young plant of Yucca elata.

A hardy Echinocereus species, possibly E. fendleri.

Yucca harrimaniae.

Western native Yucca whipplei generally does well in the Pacific Northwest.

A collection of Opuntia phaecantha from Fremont County, Colorado.

Opuntia macrocentra in bloom.

Agave ocahui, a Mexican species.

Nolina sp. 'La Siberica' with Dasylirion wheeleri and Opuntias.

Yucca schottii.

Opuntia whipplei.

The fabulous and much sought after Yucca linearifolia: the green form in the background, and the blue form in the foreground.

Opuntia compressa, a native of eastern North America that is quite happy with lots of moisture.

Nolina sp. 'La Siberica'.

More large-padded Opuntia species.

This Agave parrasana is apparently wheeled into the greenhouse for winter.

This nice Oputnia spceies with large, yellow flowers came from a collection by Mike Remick.

I'm not sure what this Yucca is, but it may be a collection of Y. brevifolia, the Joshua tree. Although it is a fabulous plant, it is one of the more difficult Yuccas to grow in moist areas of the Northwest.

Agave parryi and Agave utahensis atop a rockery with some smaller Agaves.

This crested form of Opuntia polyacantha was collected in Wallowa County, Oregon.

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