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June 2007 Newsletter: Yes, Iím still alive

Well as I look forward to a cool rainy first day of summer tomorrow, I must reflect upon the events of the last couple months that have had me a bit distracted from running a nursery. While this is not usually a forum to discuss events of my personal life, itís hard to explain where I have been without doing so! So, long story short, the nursery has been on the back burner because I have been busy planning a wedding. My wedding :-) and now my lovely wife and I are married and embarking on our new life together. Now, unfortunately, our time is still tied up by tedious paperwork of a most displeasing nature, which I donít really wish to discuss here.

All this to say, itís easy to explain why the spring mail order season ended on a rather anti-climactic note. While plants will not be available mail order again until September, the nursery will continue to be open by appointment throughout the summer. Hopefully I will change the web site to announce this before people think I have dropped off the face of the earth. Many species have just grown large enough to sell mail order now that the season is over, and many more will do so by the end of summer including lots of exciting things I have not offered before. On the other hand, I am so far behind on potting up little plants it is not even funny. Oh well, I will get to them when I get to them!

As for the long term future of the nursery, we plan to continue forth and keep growing and selling plants as time allows. And we can hope that time will allow for more, but this summer and fall are likely to continue to be hectic.

Also as time has slipped away from me, I still havenít gotten the e-mail newsletter thing together - maybe by this fall. If you want some cool stuff, donít hesitate to get in touch! I will be around and as summer goes on I will have many more plants than are listed on the website.

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